April 2014

Top piss taker, song writer and dear old friend of mine…

When 1965 arrived I had been thumping out bass lines to “Smokestack Lightning” and “Spoon Full” with “The Howlin Blues” – we had nailed a residency at Newcastle’s Club Agogo (well almost a residency, every […]

All stations Club Ago-go

It was eventually suggested by some visionary that we should record an E. P. and go to London to gig. We couldn’t fail! After all, there were no other groups that were covering such a […]

Regent Terrace, Gateshead

The funeral came and went. Time passed slowly. Uncle Bob spent all his time drunk and eventually threw my evening cooking into the fireplace. The house smelled dusty and was always dark. The only glimmer […]

Dog laxatives and Brian Ferry

It was time for some action, time to be found. Time to change from neutral into first gear. I had to earn some money so I could go to London, if I was ever going […]

Sandgate – The Real Life Spinal Tap

The weather was delivering the archetypal image of the North East in excelsis – the sky, steel grey, a gale shot-blasting rain and sleet horizontally up the Tyne Valley. The lorry driver had dropped me […]

38 Bramley Hill.

After some months of working all hours to accumulate some dosh in our coffers, Maggie and I packed the band van with everything that we owned and set off south to base ourselves in Croydon. […]