September 2014




The autobiography of Geordie musician, Charles Foskett, charts his course through the Newcastle of the 1950’s to the present day. We see the swinging sixties through the eyes of an artistic […]

September 2014

Synopsis of book chapters

Tin Baths and Gas Masks
Vivid memories of early childhood in the north east of England during the 1950’s. Charles draws pictures of extended family life, which could almost be described as Victorian, but remembers […]

August 2014

Tin Baths and Gas Masks

March 1949 – 1953 – I lived at 24 Caroline Street with my mother and grandparents in a big back to back Victorian terrace with washing lines religiously stretched across the back lane, sporting all […]

July 2014

From the Pit Pond to Todd’s Nook

274 Hamilton Street, Fenham.

My new school was to be this big foreboding Victorian building that had turned black over the century with northern bad weather and no doubt being surrounded by chimneys belching out coal […]

June 2014

Plaster cast legs, Woodbines and a Rosetti guitar

Three years had passed, it was 1960. I had almost become a country kid but then fate had decided I’d be a townie street kid. I’d failed my eleven plus exams big time and remained […]

May 2014

Greta’s hole

One Saturday evening, The Howlin’ Blues were booked to play at the Gateshead Y. M. C. A. dance, a monthly event which included as many Y. W’s as Y. M’s. As for how many C’s […]