Ashtray on a Motorbike

Sandgate – The Real Life Spinal Tap

The weather was delivering the archetypal image of the North East in excelsis – the sky, steel grey, a gale shot-blasting rain and sleet horizontally up the Tyne Valley. The lorry driver had dropped me along the road from Newcastle Central Station. I carried my bass wrapped in a canvas bag and a suitcase full […]

38 Bramley Hill.

After some months of working all hours to accumulate some dosh in our coffers, Maggie and I packed the band van with everything that we owned and set off south to base ourselves in Croydon. On route we picked up Andy’s things who was to follow on a few weeks later. Maggie had arranged with […]

Not all smiles

My initial feeling about co-habiting with a famous film star was one of complete chuffedness. I’d been dumped on from a great height by Maggie, spent three months sleeping on the floor in an empty room above the local fast food joint ‘The Crazy H Diner’, and had my early morning wash in the Gents’ […]


Chuzzer Miles had lived in Kathmandu some ten years before, and was planning a return visit. I had mentioned that I had always wanted to visit India and sit at the feet of some guru for a while, generally getting cosmic in the east. I always imagined that living in the foothills of the Himalayas, […]


After returning to Holland Park from Nepal in the autumn of 1984 it had taken me a couple of weeks to re-adjust to even drinking tap water straight from the tap without boiling it and dissolving water purifying tablets in it first – The double glazing, the television, telephones, reliable electrical mains boxes and a […]

The anti-heroin project

After a year or so of following the musical briefs of twenty million west end marketing guys on cocaine, I longed to make pop records or just work on a rock band project – something that was real! I received a call from old girlfriend Maggie Luckley saying that ‘Frankie Goes to Hollywood’ were rehearsing […]

From Elvis to Ringo

Elvis Costello, or should I have called him Declan (McManus) – it feels a bit odd calling anyone “Elvis” – seemed not half as bad and aggressive as all the Olympic studio engineers had warned. Bobby Tench one time singer with The Jeff Beck band and guitarist with Alan Price, had stood there with a […]

Abbey Road Mega Sessions

I didn’t know it but I was about to co-produced tracks with Paul and Linda McCartney, write songs for Kim Wilde, Bonnie Tyler, Elkie Brooks, Fish from Marillion and produce Elvis Costello and Loudon Wainright.
Artists just kept on coming my way and I somehow managed to stay on my feet and remain compos mentis even […]

Back to Basics

Charles cements his relationship with very gifted singer and songwriter Lauren Field. They go back to live work playing venues throughout England and Europe. Artists and audiences alike will enjoy his hilarious anecdotes concerning the joys of performing in both the most prestigious of concert halls to smelliest of pubs that resemble the world’s worst […]